Blessings Candles​

Scents & Fragrance Cubes

Blessings Candles and Fragrance Cubes come in the following fragrances, with new fragrances added regularly. Each candle is available in an attractive 11 oz. and/or 22 oz. tureen jar. Fragrance cubes are available in a 3 oz. cube package containing 6 cubes each.

Fall Festival
Sparkling citrus, cinnamon, apple, with a hint of peach and sugared vanilla.
Pumpkin Spice
Citrus, clove, spicy pumpkin - perfect Fall!
Candy Cane
Nice, fresh Peppermint with vanilla.​
Christmas Memories
Sweet orange spice.
Christmas Tree
The smell of the tree.
Lemon, orange, vanilla spice.

Seasonal/Holiday Fragrances

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