Scents & Fragrance Cubes

Blessings Candles and Fragrance Cubes come in the following fragrances, with new fragrances added regularly. Each candle is available in an attractive 11 oz. and/or 22 oz. tureen jar. Fragrance cubes are available in a 3 oz. cube package containing 6 cubes each.

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Blessings Candles​

Warm & Cozy

Our signature scent of warm vanilla and embers. Nice and cozy.
Cinnamon Buns
Sweet cinnamon vanilla
The perfect smell of leather
Creme Brule
Vanilla burnt sugar cream.
French Vanilla

The best vanilla candle I have ever smelled!

Leather & Lace
Warm vanilla mixed with with a bit of leather
Orange & Spicy
Orange juice, clove, spice.
Welcome Home
Warm, graham cracker with a bit of spice. Reminds you of Grandma's kitchen!