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Balsamberry (Hot Pink)Exciting mix of fresh balsam and sweet berries
Bird of Paradise (Warm (Orange)Exotic mixture of strawberry, vanilla and wild cherry
Bliss (Rose Pearl)Warm red ginger, crushed clove and cinnamon with fresh grapefruit and undertones of tuberose
Blue (Med Blue)Popular men's fragrance
Bountiful (Turquoise)This is Fall!  Lemon, sparkling orange, cinnamon and a touch of something truly magical 
Boy Camo Deer (Cowboy Scent)Cowboy brown, cowboy gold cowboy green
Butt Naked (Pink)Assorted melons.  Always a favorite!
Cheers! (Light Pink)Cinnamon, clove, cranberry & vanilla; surprising!
Cocktail Party (Coral)The perfect Bellini! Cranberry, peach and sparkling pear
Cowboy (Brown)Leather! The very best ever!
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