Blessings Candles​  

Red Hot Mama (Red, of course!)Fiery hot cinnamon
Spice (Golden Yellow)Sparkling clementine with a touch of clove and pine
Steel (Grey)Mens' Chrome type fragrance
Sweater Weather (Neon Purple)Fresh citrus, spicy rose, jasmine with a warm mix of musk, vanilla and a bit of berry
Thankful (Warm Copper Shimmer)Perfect cozy all winter scent.  Caramel pumpkin spice
Welcome Home (Red)Warm, cozy, graham cracker, vanilla and cinnamon
Winterberry (Bright Berry Pink)Berries and fruits of fall blended wonderfully with warm vanilla
Texas StrongRed/White/Blue Texas shape in Butt Naked scent
USA StrongRed/White/Blue Star shape in Butt Naked scent

Car/Home Fresheners

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Fall & Winter Freshies - Pg Three