Bird of Paradise (Orange)Wonderful mixture of orange, strawberry, pineapple and more.  Very popular!
Blue (Blue)
Copy of Men's cologne
Butt Naked (Hot Pink)
Tropical blend of melons, pears, and apples,  A favorite!
Cowboy (Brown)
Leather - nice and clean and smells like a fresh saddle!
Eskimo Kisses
A secret mix of cinnamon, peppermint and just a bit of sweet!
Festival (Orange)
Sparkling citrus, cinnamon, apple, peach and a touch of vanilla.  Perfect Fall!
Hazelnut Coffee (Light Gold)
Warm hazelnut with the perfect mix of coffee.  Cozy &  inviting
Lavender Vanilla
A relaxing and soothing fragrance you are sure to love
Leather & Lace (light Blue)
Warm leather with a touch of something special
Pumpkin Spice (Deep Orange)
Beautiful creamy pumpkin with a little sweetness and spice to top it off

Car/Home Fresheners

Fall Scents - Available September - December

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