Pear Margarita (Neon Green)Sparkling citrus pear
Pink Sangria (Electric Pink)Perfect combination of lime, peach, orange, apple, blended with notes of lily, berries and jasmine
Pink Sugar (Light Pink)Sugar sweet and light like cotton candy
Razzle Dazzle (Neon Purple)Fun, vibrant, sparkling citrus
Romeo (Deep Purple)Citrus, sea salt, amber.  Enticing!
Sandy Bottoms (Peach)Sparkling peach and citrus - like  a day at the beach!
Sugar Britches (Turquoise)Peach, melon, cassis, with undertones of apple creates a wonderfully unique fragrance
Sweet Cheeks (Red)Strawberry leather.  Yummy
Thelma & Louise (Neon Purple)Mandarin, mixture of florals, amber and musk create the perfect summer scent
Wellington (Navy)Aquatic notes with citrus and spice.  A refreshing scent grounded with amber and musk 

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