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Pink Sugar (Pink)Sugary sweet like cotton candy.
Steel (Grey)Rich woodsy fragrance with notes of vetiver, cedar, and bitter orange, with a base of tonka bean, warm amber, and clear musk.  (Chrome type).  
Sugar Britches (Turquoise)Peach, melon and cassis, with undertones of apple, creates a wonderfully unique fragrance.
Sunwashed Linen (Yellow)Fresh linen with a touch of orange and tea leaves.
Sweet Cheeks (Red)Beautiful blend of strawberry and leather.
Trophy Wife (Teal)Pink grapefruit, mimosa, with a touch of refreshing mint.
Watermelon Lemonade (Firecracker Red)Tart, sweet and fun - just like it sounds!
Weekend Vibes (Lavender)Mandarin, orange, coconut and magnolia on a bed of amber and musk.

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