Blessings Candles​  

​Always burn your candle until it is completely liquefied across the top before extinguishing the wick. For a large candle it is about 3 hours on the first burn and a bit shorter after that. On a small candle it is about 1 hour. This is a must every time to prevent tunneling so your candle burns evenly all the way down. DO NOT BURN all the way to the very bottom. This can cause the jar to crack and break spilling the melted wax! Read your warning label on the bottom of the jar.

Following these guidelines will help you reduce the chance of tunneling and incomplete burning. Most of all, it will help you get the maximum enjoyment from your Blessings Candle!​

Tips & Tricks:

If you have trimmed the wicks too short and your candle is drowning, blow out the wicks and immediately dip a rolled up paper towel into the wax and let it soak some up. This will give you enough wick to light the next time you burn it and will get your candle back on track.

If you have a draft and you have uneven burning with wax forming on one side, take a knife and cut out the piece of wax until it is even or you can take a fire starter and melt the uneven section down. This will help get your candle back on track.

Sometimes an open flame is not preferred for a number of reasons. For these needs we offer Blessings Fragrance Cubes. Fragrance cubes are used in any warmer on the market. I have my favorite candles that I burn on a regular basis, but sometimes I use my warmer and fragrance cubes to enjoy something different, so having both is always an option!

We use a creamy blended wax that helps release fragrance far above other cubes on the market. To remove your cube/cubes easily from the package, place a cube package in the freezer for just a few minutes. Then simply score the cubes with the tip of a knife or other sharp object. This will allow you to slide the desired number of cubes right out of the package.

Because of the high fragrance content, we suggest starting with a couple of cubes in your warmer. And you can mix scent cubes to create your own unique fragrance! Once you are through, you might consider keeping a jar -- such as an empty peanut butter jar – to pour your used wax into when it no longer has any fragrance left. When the jar is full, just tighten the lid and place in the trash.

Candle/Cube Tips

Many people do not know that there is a proper and improper way to burn a candle to maximize the scent and make it longer lasting.

One of the most important things is to not burn your candle near a draft. It will cause uneven burning across the top. Candles have memories. Once a bad burn has started, it will continue. Tunneling is most common in a bad burn or draft, where the wax burns down leaving the outer edges unburned.

We have chosen the highest quality “paper” wicks with no zinc or lead.  Lead wicks lead to soot.  Paper wicks greatly reduce soot.  Also important is keeping your wicks trimmed properly.