Candles & Fragrance Cubes

Blessings Candles and Fragrance Cubes come in the following fragrances, with new fragrances added regularly. Each candle is available in an attractive 20 oz. decorative jar. Fragrance cubes are available in a 3 oz. cube package containing 6 cubes each.


Vanilla, strawberry, coconut

Butt NakedMelon, strawberry, pear and apple.  A delightful blend
EnchantedSparkling citrus, cinnamon, apple with peach and sugared vanilla
French Market
Flowerstall of roses, magnolia, gardenia, tuberose, and arris blossom.
Girl's Night OutTropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons/limes, lightly exotic mountain greens

Smells just like the vine!

Monkey FartsA fruit medley with just a bit of vanilla

Floral & Fruity

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